• Assad Masoud
    Assad Masoud Managing Director

    I spent 10 years in the Automotive Industry representing a multinational premium automotive brand and managing their launches and experiential product activation across 34 markets in the Middle East and Africa, and I was left frustrated by the level of service I got as a client with various agencies that we contracted with to deliver our events.

    That led to the creation of NOMAD, an experiential agency that would connect brands with people and places creatively, and one that would deliver a quality service and deliver on brand expectations across all challenging markets.

    Today we represent 18 of the top 100 brands in the world, some are the leading brands in their industry and they all have entrusted NOMAD with their work.

    The last decade has matured NOMAD into the agency I was looking for as a client back in the day.

    I am very proud of our work and of our team for living up to our clients’ expectations and to the standards I have set.


    That will always define us as a hard working, creative and passionate team.

  • Praveen Bhaskaran
    Praveen Bhaskaran Head of Finance & Administration
    Praveen's favourite quote is in Sanskrit “Lokah Samastah Sughino Bhavantu”. Translated, it means "May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that, freedom for all."

    Praveen is a skilled Accounts and Finance professional with over 24 years of experience in a diverse number of industries. Praveen is a perfectionist when it comes to his work and specialises in accounting and financial records, cash and fund flow management and internal audits.

    Originally from India, Praveen has been living in Dubai for the past 17 years. In his free time, he likes to watch movies, travel and daydream.

  • Hamza Zaid
    Hamza Zaid Senior Operations Manager
    He lives by the quote: “A practical thinker always finds ways to surpass challenges”.

    Hamza is an adventurous, off-roading, automotive enthusiast and event professional with over ten years of experience in the Middle East. He specialises in crafting and building automotive obstacle tracks, mapping and conducting test drives and executing roadshows.

    In his current role as Senior Operations Manager, Hamza has delivered projects for more than 37 automotive and corporate brands across the GCC and in Europe.

    A well-travelled Kenyan, Hamza has lived in Dubai since 2003, and watched the city transform into a metropolis.

  • Tim Lobo
    Tim Lobo Commercial Manager

    To his role as a Commercial Manager, Tim Lobo brings over nine year of experience in the logistics industry and a further six years of experience in the event field.

    With the logistics industry he has worked with some of the biggest distribution companies such as TNT, UPS, DPD and Aramex, adding to his extensive wealth of knowledge in business development and the local market.

    Born in Mumbai, India, he moved to Dubai with his parents in the early 80’s and has been living in the UAE for the past 32 years. His passions in life include art, photography, food, horticulture, collecting vinyl and his two-year-old son.

  • Niharika Singh
    Niharika Singh Senior Events Coordinator

    Niharika Singh is a Senior Events Coordinator with over six years of experience in the events industry where she specialises in event planning, direction and content management.

    Niharika started her events career in 2010 in the fashion sector where she worked with some of India’s leading fashion designers. She then moved on to corporate events before joining NOMAD in 2014. Nihakira has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, including: Mercedes Benz, DLF India, amfAR, MINI, KIA, L’Oréal, LG, HERO and Samsung.

    Niharika loves reading in her leisure time. Hailing from India, her immense love for cricket is pretty obvious. She is also a big time movie buff and loves listening to music.

  • Rael Edward Perrins
    Rael Edward Perrins Events Coordinator
    "There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living" - Nelson Mandela

    With a background in Public Relations and Fit Out, Rael is one of NOMAD’s top Event Coordinators.

    Originally from South Africa, Rael brings over eleven years of management experience to his role having worked in the field in both South Africa and the UAE.

    A true NOMAD, Rael is a passionate traveller, which helps him adapt to the ever-versatile events industry and the cosmopolitan hub that is Dubai.

  • Atif Rauf Hamid Rauf
    Atif Rauf Hamid Rauf Purchasing Coordinator
    His favourite quote is, “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

    Atif Rauf, originally from India, has more than 10 years of experience in Marketing, Finance and Procurement. Since his move to Dubai five years ago, he has worked as a Procurement Specialist for Trading, Production and Event Management Companies. He now holds the title of Purchasing Coordinator in NOMAD Events Production Department.

    Atif prides himself on his ability to be flexible and adaptable in both his private and professional life. His goal is to be remembered by everyone he meets or works with.

  • Shahul Hameed
    Shahul Hameed Senior Accountant

    Long-time Dubai resident Shahul is an accounts and finance professional with over thirteen years of experience in the GCC.

    He specialises in Financial Management and brings to NOMAD a wealth of excellent accounting skills. Over the years he’s developed innovative procedures, service standards and operational policies to help the company run smoothly and efficiently. Shahul prides himself on his interpersonal and problem solving skills – along with his ability to work under pressure and in a multicultural environment.

    On the weekend, Shahul indulges in his passion for all things sports. He is an avid sportsman –having played badminton at college level, and Cricket at senior level grade at University.

  • Padassery Chandrasekharan (Chandu)
    Padassery Chandrasekharan (Chandu) Operations Coordinator

    Chandu is an Operations Coordinator extraordinaire. With over 25 years of work experience under his belt, Chandu specialises in events set up, conducting test drives and building up bespoke desert camp sites.

    Originally from India, Chandu has lived in Dubai for 31 years. In his free time, he loves cycling, biking and off-road camping.

  • Nasser Amour
    Nasser Amour PR Officer

    Originally from Tanzania, Nasser has been living in Dubai for the past 35 years. As PR Officer, he is responsible for processing employee visas, coordinating medical checks and renewing and applying for visas.

    As an avid sportsman, he passionately follows the Real Madrid team. Nasser’s favourite comes from the infamous football legend, Christiano Ronaldo, "Don't let small obstacles get in the way of being victorious. Remember you are stronger than the challenges you face".

  • Noémie Marion
    Noémie Marion Assistant Events Coordinator

    Assistant Events Coordinator, Noémie Marion is a Hospitality Management graduate with over three years of experience in the hospitality and events industry. A self-described ‘responsible, multi-tasker,’ she excels in guest relations, engagement activities, event logistics, and travel coordination.

    Noémie was born a globetrotter, and has lived in Belgium, the Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa. Her nomadic lifestyle has given her a passion for travelling and meeting new people, and most importantly has helped her adjust quickly to different lifestyles.

    Noémie has lived in Dubai for the past year where she is currently completing her Masters in Hospitality Management.

  • Rashid Baluch
    Rashid Baluch Sales Officer

    Passionate, energetic, extroverted and friendly, Rashid has boundless enthusiasm for events and brings positivity to everything he does. The resident crash test dummy with a brain, it’s always fun to have him about.

    With a diverse background, including Applied Biochemistry, Engineering, Events Field Operations, and Sales, Rashid excels at team building, creativity and being the MC for events.

    Rashid is Kenyan and has been living in Dubai for eight years. He is an avid reader of fantasy fiction, a gaming enthusiast and a practitioner of a handful of martial arts.